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Cafe chain Garage is one of the best employers. Garage has been holding the leading position in the market of the restaurant business for 3 years already.

Our network of cafes expands rapidly. We understand how important it is for each employee to work in a comfortable environment, to grow and get a decent reward for their labor. We're always looking for energetic, sociable, able to work in a team people who want to learn the specifics of the restaurant business for professional growth and development in our chain. For those who achieve the best results, we are ready to provide every opportunity to expand professional horizons and career growth. Every achievement of the company is an achievement all its employees. We are looking for those who want to join our successful and professional team.

If you are full of enthusiasm and resoluteness, ready to contribute to the development of the company than welcome to join us. Garage has its own education center, where the training of future professionals is passing! We strive to meet the highest standards. We have wonderful examples of career growth of the employees who started their job as a waiter and have grown to department heads

Work for us is an opportunity to try many new and useful things, get some skills and experience, to make new friends. It's a kind of the way of your career development which you enter on the first day of work at the cafe Garage.

Benefits From working at cafe chain Garage:
stability and reliability, confidence in the future;
flexible working schedule, considering all wishes;
Competitive salary, the opportunity to work and earn;
Working conditions that allow each employee express themselves, disclose their personal potential;
An effective motivation system;
Friendly staff, ready to support, to help, to teach;
Team spirit and common recreation;
Opportunities for career growth;
Free uniforms, free training, good discounts on meals;
Convenient location (close to underground stations);
Strict compliance with all labor laws of the Republic of Belarus;
Social security, full social benefits package
Call our service of talent search: 8 (029) 639-07-33, 8 (029) 263-87-66
Cafe Garage - start of your career!

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