For children

In CAFE GARAGE you can not only eat tasty breakfast, have a nourishing lunch, relax in your  friends company, but also you can spend time with your family coming to the cafe with a child. You can be sure that your child will be treated as the most beloved little guest and our little GARAGEcitizen definitely will not be capricious or want to go home! As a cafe chainGARAGE has developed a special program for little guests!

For your convenience all  cafes Garage are equipped with small GARAGEikami - children's corners where children of age 3 - 7 can spend time with pleasure: find interesting toys and games consoles, a collection of short cartoons and favorite joy color minutes of communicating with other little Garage citizens.

Cafe GARAGE is very friendly to children: for the youngest children we have special feeding chairs, disposable bibs, coloring books and pencils, entertaining learning cards and toys. In the cafe you can find interesting "Kid" discounts, choose specially decorated by our chefs meals in the form of cartoon characters, little animals and natural sceneries from a children's menu, diversify childrens recreation with educational games, entertaining coloring books, cartoons and playing in the children's corner.

Children are the best source of laughter and positive emotions! Only they with all their inherent seriousness and expertise can give advice, comment on the situation and talk about what is life! Get positive emotions from quotations and aphorisms of young philosophers at the end of each CHILD" page.

GARAGE waits for you and GARAGehikis already missing your child!

Come to rest together!


- Andrew, name signs of autumn.

Well ... Birds fly away, leaves overfly from the trees, winter tires should be changed